Dosage And Test Equipments

PETROFER supplies a wide range of fluid technology, but also equipment required for dosing, filtration, tramp oil separation and condition monitoring. The correct concentration dosing of our products is the prerequisite for constant, efficient, optimised and safe processes for our customers. Filtration and contamination separation help improve performance and maximise the life of the fluid. Especially for water dilutable fluids, there are not only technical, but also legal requirements for regular monitoring, for which we support our customers with advice and equipment

Drum mounted and wall-mounted devices that operate on the water-jet pump or rotary pump principle with the capability of producing 800-1600 l/h as mixing devices for water-miscible products.
Powder dosing device for solid piston lubricants.
Hand Refractometer
Optical precision device for quick and accurate concentration determination of watermiscible media.
Absorption colorimeter for concentration measurement of release agent emulsions used in the diecasting industry.
For direct electrical measurement of the pH value in aqueous systems.
Titration Unit Cleaners
Titration unit for concentration determination of aqueous industrial cleaners.
Quenchant Test Device
Testing device (Meinhardt system) for determination of quenching efficacy of quenching media on site.
We also offer special solutions for the most diverse issues in dosing, testing and monitoring of products.